Here you get more information about AlfaNordic Academy and our different courses that focus on knowledge on the latest updates within GxP.
You can read more about our talent-programs Pharma Academy and Life Science Academy. We provide a space for personal development while being a graduate working in a company in the pharma industry. The purpose of our talent programs is to bring theory and real-life situations together in a real job situation combined with an intense focus on personal development. The end goal for our graduates is to become; specialists, production supporters or project managers within the pharmaceutical industry or the life science industry.







Are you newly graduated within the life science industry, or are you representing a company with newly graduated employees?

Then our 9-month trainee program, Life Science Academy, might be something for you, to give you a competence lift to succeed in the Life Science industry. Being a trainee, will get you or your employee ready to achieve new skills in a short time, to become more aligned with a risk-based approach and obtain a quality mindset, as you also get an update on the latest trends within quality requirements and more.

Bobbel 1 - Life Science Academy
Bobbel 2 - Pharma Academy


Are you newly graduated within the pharma industry, or are you representing a company with newly graduated employees? Then our 2-year graduate program, Pharma Academy, might be something for you. Being a graduate, will get you or your employee ready to achieve a unique insight in the pharma industry through AlfaNordic Academy. Throughout the program you will gain an in-depth insight and obtain hand on experience within:

  • GMP
  • Risk-based management
  • QA/QC
  • Validation
  • Project Management etc.


Do you want to get a bigger understanding of GxP, or are your company facing a unique challenge within GxP compliance?
Then our courses in AlfaNordic Academy might be something for you or your employees. We can offer you a competence development within the different compliance demands in the pharmaceutical and life science industry. We offer both custom-made courses to fit your company needs, or we offer our open courses in areas such as:

  • GMP basic
  • GMP for students
  • Risk-based management
  • GDP
  • Process validation etc.
Bobbel 3 - Kurser 1920x1080 SH


If you want to know more, please contact us and get answers to your questions. Contact us by email or our main number.

Anita Petersen
Senior Manager, Pharma Academy
+45 3144 7540
Frank Winther-Hinge
Partner & Managing Director, AlfaNordic Academy & Director, Management Consulting, Project Management & Process & IT/Automation
+45 5059 1598
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