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AlfaNordic's IT and automation consultants

Development in IT and Automation is very strong. Who would have thought that in a few years we have gone from talking about servers, PLCs and local networks to cloud solutions, robots, big data, Pharma 4.0 and artificial intelligence?

This exciting development poses new challenges for a highly regulated industry and at the same time offers many new opportunities that a pharmaceutical company should embrace as well as secure the competitive advantages it offers in a connected world. 

AlfaNordic's IT and automation consultants possess expert knowledge in validation and project management of IT and Automation solutions. Likewise, we are also experts in change management; We know how changes anchored so that changes in work and business processes become part of the existing corporate culture.

We can help with overview and system knowledge

When choosing new systems or optimizing the company's systems, it is important to get the right solution from the start. Our consultants can assist in the process of clarifying the project, selecting a relevant supplier, making a plan and be responsible for the implementation.

Wide expertise across our professional fields

At AlfaNordic, we make great efforts to keep abreast of the latest trends in IT and Automation and keep our experienced consultants up to date. Therefore, we can help companies stay on top of upcoming challenges so that they are able to respond in a timely manner, saving time and cost. The ability to combine our expertise across our teams from validation and regulatory affairs to IT and Automation and project management is one of the strengths that characterize AlfaNordic.

The following are examples of the expertise we have in IT and Automation:

Compliance according to 21CFR Part 11, Eduralex vol 4 annex 11, GAMP 5, GDPR

When implementing, updating or expanding IT and Automation systems, it is essential to have a thorough knowledge of the regulatory guidelines. Our experienced consultants have the knowledge needed to prepare requirement specifications so that they also subsequently enable validation of the systems.

Implementation, process support, process optimization (LEAN) and decommissioning

Based on a life cycle assessment of an IT or Automation system, we can offer support at all stages of the system. It is important to focus on the full process, to ensure that all phases can be documented correctly. AlfaNordic has experienced IT and automation resources that can manage and document all phases of a system's life cycle 

Business case, risk assessment and benefits realization

Preparing a business case, risk assessment and benefits realization are crucial elements for approving and succeeding for a project. It is essential to ensure that all elements are included and considered in the preparation of a business case and associated risk assessment. Missing elements have a direct impact on the project budget and benefits realization. We have experienced project managers who assist with the preparation and review of business cases, risk assessments and project execution plan that support benefits realization.

Review and analysis of "legacy systems"

When legacy systems need to be updated or replaced, it is essential to ensure that data, existing systems and solutions continue to function to maintain the validated state of the systems. A review will ensure compatibility between existing platforms and functionality. The new solution can highlight challenges that need to be addressed as part of the implementation or upgrade. Both in the systems and in the organization. AlfaNordic has consultants with many years of experience in this type of work who have worked with many different systems and applications as well as change management of business processes.

Supplier management and audit

Auditing and management of suppliers is important to ensure that the quality of the deliverables as well as the supplier meets the specified requirements. An audit of the supplier and the level of documentation is an essential tool. AlfaNordic has IT and Automation project managers who are experienced in conducting supplier audit and management.

Requirement specification, verification and validation

As with all projects, it is important for IT and Automation that all requirements specifications are complete, accurate and testable is ensured from the start. Documentation must be available for all specifications and their criticality, to ensure that documentation and the validation level are sufficient to comply with applicable regulatory requirements. AlfaNordic has experienced IT and Automation people with in-depth process knowledge who can support and ensure the level in all phases of the project.

Project Management

AlfaNordic offers certified project managers based on project type and desired approach to the project. We have project management certifications such as PMP, SCRUM, IPMA (C), Agile.

Change management

Is change management saying the same thing 21 times? How about a burning platform? Both help, but more is needed. When the legislation is changed and the quality system is updated, the next audit result depends on the implementation. We have the experience of getting organizations to work in new ways.

Why us?

We are a specialized consulting department within AlfaNordic, serving the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. We feel able to compete with companies with much bigger size for the following reasons:

Controlled growth and increasing efficiency are often the key to a company's success and profitability. These goals are just as often the company's main priorities, but can be reduced or disappear by daily disruptions of inadequate and risky processes in administration and production. As a partner, AlfaNordic will be the best within the field. We evaluate the strategic risk and provide organisational advice to the entire value chain of your company.

Our sales and delivery process

1. Competency needs

The competence requirement for the desired task is described together with the customer. Possibly a sales meeting will be held. Contact AlfaNordic Sales or a Function Manager.

2. Proposal and review

AlfaNordic prepares presentations, time requirements and CVs for the task, as well as sends the presentation to the customer and goes through it. A possible meeting for further discussion of the presentation.

3. Contract

AlfaNordic submits a contract for approval by the customer. The contract includes financial information, named consultants and time consumption, as well as start and end dates.

4. Start of task

AlfaNordic's consultants start the task at the agreed time.

5. Continuous follow-up

AlfaNordic follows up on the consultants and holds regular status meetings with both the client and the consultants.

6. Completion of task and customer evalution

The task ends at the agreed time and with the agreed price. AlfaNordic follows up with a customer evaluation form and a final dialogue with the customer.

Contact our automation team

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