-with Regulatory Affairs

Both the results and the collaboration must create value for the customer who choose to hire a consultant to solve RA-tasks. Based on our experience, we know what is important and can ensure:

  • Short response time on all requests, regardless the size and content of the task.
  • Clear match of expectations and quick establishment of the settings within the cooperation – so that we can start working together right away.
  • Preceding conversation between the customer and the relevant consultant, so we can ensure a strong competent match and good chemistry.
  • Personal contact and continuing feedback on the progress of the task.
  • Simple invoicing and only counting the amount of hours which are actually spent on the task.


Identification of needs and agreement of expectations

In a dialogue with the company and our specialists, we determine the concrete challenges and needs and thereby evaluate them from a professional point of view. Hereafter, we match the mutual expectations for the solution and work on the upcoming steps.


Terms of cooperation

AlfaNordic will work out and send you a proposal for how we may help you the best way. This includes an estimate of time and proposals for profiles that best match the task. From the feedback on our proposal, we ensure you that our solution and quality will match the company. We also schedule deadlines and sum up everything in a written contract.

Execution and evaluation

The project solution in practice: We will execute the plan, maintaining communication and updating you during the project, to follow up and determine a status. 

This is how we create and implement a solution in practice. In the end, we will evaluate both the cooperation and result. Focus is on the customer’s satisfaction, quality and creating value.


Transition and delivery

Round off, evaluation and transition, to make sure the solution will function in the company after the end of the project.