– med projekteksekvering

Both the results and the collaboration must create value for the customer who choose to get our help. Based on our experience, we know what is important and can ensure:

  • Quick response on all requests, regardless the size and content of the task.
  • Clear match of expectations, so we know your situation and needs.
  • Correct match of competences, experience, and personal chemistry regarding the task.
  • Quick establishment of the collaboration, so we can get started.
  • Effective communication and follow-ups on the task, to ensure customer satisfaction.


Determining needs 

A dialogue with the company about your situation and needs for assistance: Do you need advice on the general strategy of validation, input for project management or a specific resource to solve a concrete task here and now? How do you prefer that we handle the situation and assist you? We ask questions to clarify and understand what you need, and how we may assist you in the best possible way.


Terms of cooperation

AlfaNordic composes and forwards a suggestion to a solution incl. estimate of time and cost. 

We ensure to find the right people for the task, based on your feedback. It must be a match, both professional and personal. We also make an agreement of deadlines and summarize everything in a written contract.

Execution and evaluation

The practical solution of the task begins: We do as agreed and follow up continuously to ensure a high quality in the solution and customer satisfaction.


Reaching the goal

Round off and evaluation by a meeting or mail. We want to ensure that the customer is satisfied with the collaboration, and that the solution will function in the company after the end of the project.