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All experience shows that control of and maintaining the purpose and scope from an early stage in the project process is a prerequisite for the successful completion of a project. 

AlfaNordic is an expert with +25 years of experience in the life science industry and with project management. Our experienced consultants can perform a project due diligence to help the customer ensure that the project is successful. 

AlfaNordic's Project Due Diligence is a review of a project with a special focus on the conditions that apply in the life science industry. Project due diligence can be performed in any project phase, e.g. when outlining early stage projects, before signing contracts with partners and contractors, or when the project is stalling and you want it back on track.

The services we offer include, but are not limited to:

  • An overview of the project's current state within the focus areas below
  • An overview of which factors may prevent a successful completion
  • An estimate of where the project will end based on the current prerequisites
  • An overview of what it takes to correct any inconveniences so that the project may be completed according to expectations and in order to control future risks 

AlfaNordic offers to carry out a Project Due Diligence with the following focus:

  • Clarity of content, customer requirements and expectations
  • Quality, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines and regulatory compliance 
  • Finances
  • Time schedule
  • Contractual setup
  • Organisation
  • Risk profile
  • Buildability and project basis 

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