A house full of competences 

AlfaNordic gives advice, educates and solves tasks within Pharma, Biotech, Medical Device,, food, kosmetik og Medicinal Cannabis. FOur professional range is wide, and our consultants have the necessary knowledge, experience and drive to create lasting solutions compliance with the requirements of the authorities and the needs of each company. 
Our consultants are available - also at short notice.

AlfaNordic Academy is also a strategic supplier of courses and talents for leading companies in the industry. We provide open courses and company-adapted courses, as well as talents through our two educational programmes Pharma Academy and Life Science Academy 


Solid experience and a large network

  • We have solid experience in the biotech and Life Science Industry.
  • We work independently, but as a team. Our consultants always have our large network with them and give high priority to knowledge sharing. 

The perfect match

  • We always provide the best people for the job. If we do not have them ourselves, we will find them through our extensive network.

Always up to date

  • We offer training and education in the field of GMP and Risk Management. Of course, our consultants carry out ongoing training themselves and are always up to date.


An overview of our business areas.


The challenges of the Pharma Industry range widely, from product development, production of high-tech pharmaceutical specialties, regulatory requirements to pharmacovigilance and reporting. 
We offer advice and practical help within: 

  • Project Management
  • Validation
  • Production Support
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Strategic Counselling
  • QA Services 
  • IT/Automation


Since October 2017 we have supported a number of companies with counselling and specialist knowledge within both the development scheme and the pilot programme. We have extensive experience with the challenges that may arise in connection with the cultivation, manufacture, import and export of medicinal cannabis, and offer consultancy on company and product approval, including application to the Danish Medicines Agency.


AlfaNordic conducts mock inspections and internal inspections. We carry out validation of processes and systems. AlfaNordic also provides advice on risk assessments, GMP and challenges.


We provides a full range of consulting services for the development and notification of Food and Food Supplements. We can provide:

  • Expertise in the classification
  • Evaluation of product
  • Writing of product labelling
  • Evaluation of promotional materials
  • Udarbejdelse af tekniske dossierer for fødevarer og kosttilskud i henhold til EU's nuværende regler
  • Notification to the Authorities.


We provides a full range of consulting services for the development and notification of Cosmetics. We can provide:

  • Expertise in the evaluation of product
  • Writing of product labelling
  • Evaluation of promotional material
  • Skrivning af sager for kosmetik inklusive sikkerhedsrapporter i henhold til EU's nuværende regler
  • Notification to the Authorities.


AlfaNordic Academy offers customized teaching, which is fully updated with today's standards. We know the challenges facing the life science industry and we offer a wide range of knowledge in courses on GMP, good documentation practice, risk assessment, validation, GAP analyzes, LEAN as well as strategy and organization.


AlfaNordic was founded in Denmark in 2008. The focus has always been to provide quality and validation services and project management services to the pharmaceutical industry. We work both within existing production and as customer advisors in projects around the establishment of new plants or expansion of existing ones. We offer validation and qualification support on everything from individual equipment to entire factories. In addition, we have strong competencies in project management, production, QA, QC, Management Consulting, Medical Devices, audits of processes and manufacturers as well as training and training of personnel in a number of competence areas.

In 2009, we decided to have a presence in China, in order to provide better service to our customers already operating in China and to customers with plans to export to Asia or establish new facilities in the Far East.

In 2013, the company was transformed into a limited company with a professional board of directors.

I 2016 flyttede vi hovedkontoret til Herlev og åbnede USA-kontoret i North Carolina.

In 2018, we founded the subsidiary AlfaNordic Academy A/S and acquired A-consult A/S

In 2020, we moved to larger premises on Stamholmen in Hvidovre.

In 2021, we were acquired by NIRAS.