Inspirational meetings are one of AlfaNordic's ideas of how to actively share our knowledge and have a forum in which professionals of the pharmaceutical industry can get inspiration for solving the ordinary everyday problems.

The motivation behind the inspirational meetings is to set an agenda with a professional focus. The current topic is illustrated from several angles by a team of highly competent contributors. We focus on a practical pragmatic approach and being able to inspire within the professional area in an open and relaxed atmosphere. 

 AlfaNordic's consultants prepare and host the inspirational meetings, and we typically have business partners, customers or other interesting profiles as contributors. In this way, we secure partly the latest knowledge and partly we gain insight into some of the areas where new methods and technologies are being developed. 


  • It is free 
  • The meetings are held at AlfaNordic's office in Hvidovre, with good parking facilities. 
  • The meetings are held from 4 pm to 6 pm 
  • AlfaNordic hosts 6–8 inspirational meetings annually, where everyone in the industry has the opportunity to participate.
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Attendance at the inspirational meetings is free of charge, unless otherwise stated in the invitation. However, written registration is required for the actual organisation of the event; this is done during each inspirational meeting on the list below. Follow this homepage for topics and dates for AlfaNordic's inspirational meetings. OBS all the meetings are held in Danish. 

  • AlfaNordic’ inspirationsmøder vender tilbage i 2022