AlfaNordics Audit

Know your cGMP GAPS

Be able to make the best business decisions in mitigating risks in your organization.

Isn't it just an Audit?

AlfaNordic has in-depth knowledge of the authorities quality requirements for the Life Science Industry. We are experts in Good Manufacturing Practice and have +10 years of experience as consultants on national and international GMP interpretations and implementation.

AlfaNordic's team of consultants in the Life Science Industry can guide and facilitate you through all stages of your product life cycle.

Get a professional second opinion conducted by experienced Life Science Industry auditors. We can conduct audits / inspections of your company or critical suppliers, both GMP and non-GMP needs. Furthermore, we are teaching in auditing and can be used in Due Diligence situations where anonymity is essential. In the event of a dispute between 2 partners, AlfaNordic may act as an independent third party.

We offer assessment of procedures in daily operations with requirements from GMP regulation and guidelines within, among other things:

  • Quality system
  • Laboratory Control 
  • Facility and equipment
  • Production
  • Package and labeling 
  • Material 

Customer Benefits

  • A professional second opinion conducted by experienced auditors from the Life Science Industry. 
  • Clear identification of GMP compliance gaps.
  • Get your gaps prioritized and support your decision on what improvement activities to implement 
  • Input to checklist / activity plan for future inspections or improvement actions.
  • Help focus on a specific area or fully audit your production or product. 

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