How to get a bigger network, more challenges and better business opportunities

Most people who work in life science want a challenging, educational and purposeful work life. Both employees, self-employed, freelancers, etc. will be inspired and challenged by the work and want professional feedback and sparring with talented partners.

At the same time, the life science industry is characterized by enormous development, many changes and very high government requirements. It requires a well-educated, highly specialized and updated workforce. And consultants with the same characteristics. This has led AlfaNordic to establish an attractive network for consultants and freelancers. A network of which it is free to be a part.

"We have established the AlfaNordic Consultants Network for several reasons. The most talented freelancers and consultants in life science should find us attractive. With us, external consultants become part of a constantly updated and well-trained group of specialists. An experienced network, "explains Thomas Meldgaard, senior partner at AlfaNordic and continues:" We always have attractive assignments, orderly contractual conditions and we are a certainty for external consultants that they work with the best."

Growth market and new legislation

AlfaNordic Consultants Network must also future-proof the consultancy, explains Thomas Meldgaard: “Another reason for establishing and expanding our network is that there are major changes in the market with, for example, The EU MDR and the rapid development and market advancement in the medical device field. Our customers want help and we want to give them the best. It really requires a professional update of many experienced life science consultants' skills. So, the network benefits both the external consultants and us at AlfaNordic.”

And educationally, AlfaNordic Consultants Network can bring the participants further:

“We are known for our Academy programmes and the participants in the network get access to the latest courses at attractive prices. This is an advantage for the individual, but also absolutely necessary if you as a consultant want to stay at the top of the knowledge hierarchy and the task flow. Our customers need constant high quality, updated knowledge and lots of experience in all special areas. They choose AlfaNordic because we always deliver the 'three-in-one' package to them,” Thomas Melgaard says.

Top three reasons to be part of the network

It is a public secret that a good network is the key to success both on job and at private level. And professionally, there are at least three reasons to choose the AlfaNordic Consultants Network:  

  • Access to exciting tasks
    AlfaNordic has a constantly large task flow and has framework agreements with attractive Danish and foreign companies in the life science industry. The consultants who are part of our network are in a strong position to get good jobs in their areas of expertise.
  • Training and education via AlfaNordic Academy
    Knowledge and experience are key to success as a consultant. And at AlfaNordic, network participants have access to our degree programmes/seminars/webinars and workshops.
  • Access to sparring in network with great professionalism
    The quality of a network depends on the participants in the network. We take pride in and our clients expect us to recruit and provide experienced consultants. Therefore, the network consists of experienced consultants who can give each other and the customers high-level sparring and exchange of experience.

How to become a part of the AlfaNordic Consultants Network:

All you have to do is to click below and click read more under the heading “Consultant Network”.

Once you have signed up, we will contact you periodically to find out if you still want to join the AlfaNordic Consultants Network. You will also be able to receive emails with information about vacancies/or positions that you have the opportunity to offer, as well as information about courses, webinars, etc.


We are always on the lookout for new, skilled and competent consultants who want to make a difference for us and our clients.


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