The consultancy A-consult lives on in a professionally strengthened AlfaNordic

After 35 years as an independent consultancy, A-consult opens a new chapter at the start of 2020, together with AlfaNordic: Since June 2018, when AlfaNordic bought A-consult, the two consultancy have gradually worked closer together by sharing knowledge, consultants and experience. From 1st January, 2020, they will also share their names as the collaboration continues under AlfaNordic A/S.

Academically, AlfaNordic embraces broadly: A-consult's experience and heavy expertise in regulatory matters, quality and side-effect monitoring are complemented by AlfaNordic's expertise in validation, IT, automation, project management, education, strategic advice and tailor-made solutions in life science and Medical devices. It provides new professional synergies that strengthen the overall consultancy's level of service and professional competence, for the benefit of our clients.

The services now offered by A-consult will not be available on A-consult's website after the New Year. As of 1/1 2020 they are available at

Like A-consult, AlfaNordic will help companies there works with pharmaceuticals, supplements, medical devices, cosmetics and medical cannabis. There is also continued help and advice in all parts of the life cycle of medical and medical devices. 

Life Science companies are different and that is reflective say how you work: AlfaNordic offers help and advice to everyone levels, from 2-3 hours of professional sparring to the permanent association of one or more consultants for an extended period of time. The focus is to meet the individual customer's needs and do things right - the first time.  

We offer

  • Counseling and tailor-made solutions at all levels
  •  Practical help for implementation and solution of daily operating tasks
  •  Courses as well as developing new talents in our 2 graduate programs

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From 1st January, 2020, AlfaNordic and A-consult will collaborate in one unified consultancy that advises the life science industry. Training is offered separately from AlfaNordic Academy, which provides open- and company-tailored courses as well as master's programs.


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