Mogens Høegh Bech has received his certification as PMP project manager

At Alfanordic we have a great passion about delivering the best possible services to our clients. Therefore training and development of our employees is important for us. Hereby we are proud to announce that our Senior Consultant Mogen Høegh Bech is now certified as “Project Management Professional” project manager.

In 2017 Mogens started on a project management program. With 29 years of experience as a project manager, and 3 years in the life science industry, Mogens had a solid background for receiving the PMP-certification. In the years from 2015 to 2018, Mogens has been leading a big project and 30 small projects for one of the biggest clients of AlfaNordic. In addition, he happily shares his knowledge and experience when he teaches our team of new young talents at Pharma Academy.

A big congratulations to Mogens from all of us in AlfaNordic.


Hos AlfaNordic fokuserer vi stærkt på videreuddannelse og nye måder at dygtiggøre os på. Mogens Høegh Bech har netop modtaget sin udnævnelse som certificeret ”Project Management Professional”-projektleder.


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