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AlfaNordic gives advice, educates and solves tasks within Pharma, Biotech, Medical Device, Food, Cosmetics and Medicinal Cannabis.

Our professional range is wide, and our consultants have the necessary knowledge, experience and drive to create lasting solutions compliance with the requirements of the authorities and the needs of each company. 

Our consultants are available - also at short notice.

Our core competencies


The challenges of the Pharma Industry range widely, from product development, production of high-tech pharmaceutical specialties, regulatory requirements to pharmacovigilance and reporting. We offer advice and practical help within…

Medical Device

Medical Device Regulation (MDR), 2017/745 comes into force 26 May 2021. Is your business ready for May 26, 2021? We can review your quality system and…

Medicinal Cannabis

We have extensive experience with the challenges that may arise in connection with the cultivation, manufacture, import and export of medicinal cannabis and offer advice on business and product approval, including ...

Food and Food Supplements

Increasing regulatory requirements for the production and marketing of Food / Food Supplements have gradually led to a regulatory complex that makes it complicated for businesses to comply with the legislation.
We can help create an overview or review / develop quality systems to meet the requirements of the authorities …


Which rules apply to cosmetic products? The cosmetics regulation 1223/2009 must be obeyed. This means, for example that cosmetic products must be manufactured in accordance with good manufacturing practices and must be reported in the EU Cosmetics Database (CPNP).
Our consultants are ready to help you…

Courses and training

We specialize in education and competency development and believe that education and development of people is the way to a better future.

AlfaNordic Academy A/S is a strategic supplier of courses and talents for leading Danish and international companies in the life science industry…

Latest news

Build GMP into your facility from the start with an owner consultant

In this article you can read about how an independent owner consultant can create value. Especially through assessment of the enterprise and through continuous monitoring of the progress. This is interesting if you are responsible for expanding a production, for new GMP facilities, or have an enterprise task to be solved. Especially if you do not have an established project organisation or project execution model.

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The consultancy A-consult lives on in a professionally strengthened AlfaNordic

After 35 years as an independent consultancy, A-consult opens a new chapter at the start of 2020, together with AlfaNordic: Since June 2018, when AlfaNordic bought A-consult, the two consultancy have gradually worked closer together by sharing knowledge, consultants and experience. From 1st January, 2020, they will also share their names as the collaboration continues under AlfaNordic A/S.

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